a-pelvis-named-elvis asked:

How come the fandom doesn't talk about Elisa stump much I never see pictures of them together much

poisonedyouthforcenturies answered:

Well people usually don’t like band wives are girlfriends, which I find ridiculous since that is literally NONE of our business. And people also have a lot of pictures of her and Patrick when she’s not smiling but that’s expected since they took the picture without her consent and she shouldn’t be expected to smile for that. And there’s also this audio post where she keeps on trying to get Patrick off a radio call interview, but there could be a reason for that. We, as their fans, shouldn’t hate on their wives and girlfriends, but there are some people who do. And you know what? Patrick seems really happy and so does Elisa, so we shouldn’t be so quick to make judgement.. And Elisa and Patrick kind of keep their relationship away from the media and the public eye, which is completely understandable, and we should respect that